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ResidentiaL Design

At Jamie Banfield Design we specialize in creating stylish, well-edited spaces. Located in Port Moody, British Columbia, just outside of the urban hustle and bustle of Vancouver it is hard for our designs to not offer a contemporary flair with a nod to the natural beauty of the surrounding of the West Coast charm. Our dynamic, innovative and forward thinking design team collaborate with our clients to transform spaces into beautiful, sustainable, and strategically engineered spaces for both life and work. The JBD team believes in providing a positive client experience from beginning to end by collaborating and communicating with them through the seamless award winning JBD process. Our successful designs can be found all over the pacific northwest reaching from Vancouver and Vancouver Island to Alberta and Ontario. 



Our Award winning Process

We believe that design should be approachable and accessible. Whether you are dreaming of a new bathroom or your custom home, our process and dynamic skill set can be implemented on projects and budgets of all sizes. From the first meeting to concept development and design execution, the Jamie Banfield Design team oversees and manages the entire design process by working closely with the build team and our clients in order to create homes that are a true reflection of them. Our complementary talents transform residences into stylish, sustainable, and strategically engineered spaces. Don’t take our word for it! Have a look at what some past clients have to say.

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The Process

Our award winning process, simplified

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1. Meet + Inspire

All our design relationships begin with a Meet + Inspire, a complimentary one hour session with Jamie Banfield our principal designer, where we develop a rapport with our clients to gain an understanding of their needs, inspirations, habits and gathering an overall feel of the desired space outcome. The items covered include space planning, design problem solving, style, wish-list, budgets, timelines and overall expectations. We create a detailed service package, and a thought out scope of work for the project and an outline of the award winning JBD process with tailored deliverables for each unique project.

2. We’re Hired!

And excited to be a part of the team! First we like to introduce the whole interior design team with a “welcome to team” letter. Then while we review the desired outcomes, we quickly get to work with the on boarding system to create a very easy and cohesive process moving forward. We believe that communication and collaboration is key to a well-developed design and that successful design is the result of a well thought out plan. Behind the scenes we undertake an on boarding process to ensure all aspects from scope of work, documentation are implemented efficiently and effectively over the following weeks or months.

3. Site findings

At this point we will have a lot of ideas and creative solutions that will bring the design to life. We coordinate and arrange meetings to review architectural drawings, site measuring and documenting all the large and small existing details onsite, so nothing is overlooked. At this stage, we are continually reviewing our major design ideas with key trades, engineers and architects as needed to make sure our desired outcomes are feasible for the timeline and budget. We take the necessary steps to gather a thorough understanding of the existing spaces, requirements and needs to start with a good foundation of information.

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With the site finding documents in hand we have the accurate foundation for our talented team to review space planning, function and the overall use for the space or spaces we are transforming bases on your inspiration, wants and habits. Reviewing and planning all elements such as accurate sizes, items such as flow, exterior and interior architectural details down to the small items of door swings and details such as where you might place exterior Christmas lights prior to the completed of the permit drawings.

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Here we will present a cohesive interior design concept. A concept is the starting point that provides a visual presentation of the overall look, style, and feel of the space. We touch on points such as how best to utilize existing architectural details, the overall design details and a proposed use of the allocated budget. Together we review the concept to ensure the project is moving in the correct direction to achieve results that best suit our clients functional needs and personality.



This entails selecting all those amazing materials and finishes. In this stage we will present a cohesive interior design, something we have been working hard on over the preceding few weeks. The design development will be reviewed and discussed over a few meetings to refine and polish the vision, to ensure the design is achievable. We also collaborate with many trades, suppliers, and craftspersons to refine the vision for the project. This will ensure that the details will be implemented correctly, and be applicable for proper use and maintenance of the space.

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IWith an overall feel and cohesive design we are able to source all furniture, large decor, art and create a custom curated space with those personal touches to complete your family home. Documenting of the existing space, existing furniture, art and decor items that we can work with, update and enhance. We will create a tailored concept fitting your budget, timeline and lifestyle. With a turnkey offering Jamie Banfield Design can take care of ordering, delivery, set-up and defences of furniture, art, decor and lighting.


Once the concept and design development phase have been approved, we will start documenting the accurate installation methods and requirements for all envisioned design details. The interior drawing package outlines items such as millwork, tile layouts, flooring transitions, lighting placement, interior finishing items placement, dimensions and locations of architectural and decorative details.The drawing package is a critical part of the design process as it showcases realistic application, location, and scale of all design details, equipment, fittings, finishing and decorative products.


Reviewing and challenging the design decisions with an obtainable budget is critical to the end result being successful. The design team documents and updates the interior design package to reflect the vision and detailed design as envisioned over the preceding few weeks or months. At this point, the build team will be in high communication and be presented with the all documentation outlining items required to obtain an accurate cost and timeline from any needed sub-trades, suppliers and craftspersons. This is to help create a feasibility review for both costing and timelines for the completed space.



This entails multiple meetings to review the vision, design details and the implementation needed to successfully execute the desired outcome. All members members are able to make supported and educated decisions for the proposed end result with the balance of the budget and timeline. The design team reviews the interior drawing package that outlines items such as millwork, tile layouts, flooring transitions, installation methods, lighting placement, dimensions and locations of architectural and decorative details. We will also review with our clients to obtain approval for the proposed design package for the build team to be successful.

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Documenting for construction is like taking grandma's recipe, writing it on paper, and testing the recipe to make sure the outcome is correct. The JBD design team creates what we refer to as “The Bible”. The Bible documents and notes all the interior drawings’, equipment, fixtures + fittings, finishing and decorative items. We also note the manufacturer, supplier, contact and any additional information needed for the build team to bring the overall visions to life as seamlessly as possible. As the build team and all members involved have all information at their fingertips, this makes for a highly efficient and effective implementation process.

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Not to worry, we are one email or phone call away! We work closely with the build team to ensure the vision is executed in a timely and efficient manner. After issuing the interior design package, we communicate with all members onsite to review any questions that might pop up, and then brainstorm solutions as needed to ensure the desired vision is brought to life. On site visits, our purpose is to assist on the clients behalf and ensure that everyone involved continues focused on the design.

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With the vision and desired outcome in mind, the design team works to ensure details are executed correctly for aesthetics, practicality and durability while having the clients best interests front and center. With frequent communication to both the build team and client, the design team is always keeping an eye out for quality control, accurate installations and overall deficiency. Once the project is close to completion, the JBD team reviews with both the build team and the client to ensure the space is not only looks timeless but acts timeless in both quality and maintenance.


With our turnkey packages for clients in need of a refreshment using some existing and new pieces or new to the city and in need of an A-Z list of furniture, decor and art tailored to your budget and lifestyle. Jamie Banfield Design can take care of ordering, delivery, set-up and defences of furniture, art, decor and lighting. Depending on the size of the home we schedule a 1-3 day installation for all the large and small furniture, area rugs, decorative lighting, decor and art.


Relax! Pop and bottle of champagne and enjoy! The project is complete and you have kicked the last trade out of the house and the space is finally your home. Jamie Banfield Design and the build team will review all items, walk the client through the materials, maintenance, and assist in registering all materials, equipment and fixtures for all warranty options. We review all aspects of the design and build process with our clients to assist with bettering the JBD team and all other members involved!