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All our design relationships begin with a Meet + Inspire, a complimentary one to one and a half hour session with Principal Designer Jamie Banfield,, where we develop a rapport with our clients, gain an understanding of their needs, inspirations and habits and gathering an overall feel for the space and the desired outcomes. The items cover include discussions bases around space planning, design problem solving, style, wish-list, budgets, timelines and the overall expectations. We create a details service package, and a thought out scope of work for the project, a and outline of the award winning process with tailored deliverables for each unique project. Our philosophy is rooted in communication and collaboration and we believe that successful design is the result of a well thought out approach. From our first meeting, to concept planning and execution, we oversee and manage the entire designer process working closely with our clients to create spaces that are a true reflection of who they are. Book you Meet + Inspire today!

 Jamie Banfield,

Principal Designer Jamie Banfield Design



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