Award Winning Interior Design




We believe that successful design is the result of a well thought out approach. From our first meeting, to concept planning and execution, we oversee and manage the entire design process working closely with our clients to create spaces that are a true reflection of who they are.

1. Meet & Inspire - Learn more

All our design relationships begin with a meet + inspire, a complimentary one and a half hour session, where we develop a rapport with our clients, gain an understanding of their needs and expectations, and get a feel for the space. The items cover during this session include space planning, design problem solving, colours, style, wish-list, budgets and timelines. 

2. Concept

We're hired! Now, it's time to get to work. In this stage we will present a cohesive interior design concept - a starting point that provides a visual presentation of the overall look, style, and feel of the space. It will also touch on how best to utilize the space and allocate the budget. Together we review the concept to ensure the project is moving in the right direction to achieve the desired result.


3. Planning

Our attention to detail and design experience helps us create an all-inclusive plan that will take the interior design concept to reality. As part of this stage, we develop a master plan that is shared with all involved (client, designer, on-site trades, and manufacturers) to ensure everyone is on the same page. This comprehensive design "bible" keeps the project on track, on time and on budget!


4. Get Started

Sit back. Enjoy the ride. At this point, the rest is up to us! Our trusted alliances with builders, contractors, trades, and suppliers ensure each project is seamlessly executed from beginning to end. Let's bring that interior design concept to life!