Our Top 8 Paint Picks | Benjamin Moore


I’m going to let you in on a secret, We have over a 1000 paint samples in our office but we have a select few that we love to use over and over because they’re so versatile and can be used in any space. Paint can seem like a super easy way to update and refresh a space and you’re right, but walking through home depo or Benjamin moore we see arguing couples or just downright puzzled, sometimes pained faces. 

Neutrals are a great pallet, that never really go out of style. They can add to an airy atmosphere and allow you to be a bit more bright and daring with accessories. In our contemporary 20th Ave Residence, we used Benjamin Moore’s Designer White on the walls, ceiling & millwork. This bright white creates a canvas that allows for the families’ art to be highlighted, making their kids crafts corner a fun feature. 

Some of our favourite neutral right now that have been spec’d on jobs are: 

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Gray Owl - OC 52 - McIvor Residence

Benjamin moore paint Living room

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Stormy Monday - 2112-50 - Gallo Residence

Benjamin moore STORMY MONDAY
Benjamin moore paint Bedroom

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Cloud White - OC-130 - Lail Residence

Benjamin moore CLOUD WHITE
Benjamin moore paint BEDROOM

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Decorators White CC - 20 - 20th Ave RESIDENCE

Benjamin moore paint DINING ROOM

We all know paint colour in your home can affect everything from your mood to your furniture choices. Think about how you want your home to feel, what first impression do you want it to make. Do you want a cozy feeling? Maybe go with a warmer taupe hue. If you want something fresh and airy, you could go with a cool grey or a bright white. You may want to use a courageous colour that will reflect your personality. Calm and cool? Go for blue or mints.

An easy way to make a statement in your home, can be adding a pop of colour with paint. This can be daring choice, however the I suggests taking the risk! Here are a few of our favourite bold colours that we are currently using:

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Nocturnal Gray 2135-30 - McIvor Residence

Benjamin moore paint NOCTURNAL GRAY
Benjamin moore paint Bedroom

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Wrought Iron 2124-10 - Dion Residence

Benjamin moore WROUGH IRON
Benjamin moore paint KITCHEN

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Imperial Grey 1571

Benjamin moore paint IMPERIAL GREY
Benjamin moore paint KITCHEN

COLOUR STORY - Benjamin Moore: Strawberry & Cream 2103-70 - Maddies Room

Benjamin moore paint STRAWBERRY & CREAM
Benjamin moore paint BEDROOM

I love being bold with colours amongst many elements of design. We’d love to know what your thoughts are and what paint tones you would like to use on your next project. Let us know what colours speak to you & match your personality.