The Details Part 1- Meet & Inspire


As a kid I took things apart to understand how they worked only to put it back together again, sometimes unsuccessfuly but that’s how we learn. When it comes to our process you can never know too much as a client, so let’s start off with a Meet & Inspire


So why do we call it a Meet & Inspire? We love design and when we get the chance to meet a new client and talk about your vision we can’t help but feel inspired. We see these meetings as understanding what makes you tick and how you live. There’s emotion and intention behind our designs, we create a unique space that fits your soullifestyle and aspirations.



This is where you get to meet myself, or a member of my design team to have an informal chat about why you want to hire a designer. We don’t really go over too many creative details, its more for us to understand what makes you tick!



 We want to build a relationship with you and understand your vision. Are you building a new house? Is your kitchen too small or outdated? We want to fully understand what you expect from us during this design process. We can also outline the process, so you understand our role and what we can do for you throughout this process. We don’t really have many rules with the Meet & Inspire, we are happy to sit at your kitchen table or dive right in and have a house tour. Ultimately we want to create a home so we want to leave the feeling like we know you.



What’s your style? What do you like? What pictures have you been liking on Instagram and pinning on Pinterest. Do you love neutrals or vibrant colours, its our job to take those things you love and run with them. We find clients can suffer from decision fatigue when it comes to their personal style and what they want, couples can also have very different ideas in terms of style. We can always find a compromise and create something spectacular but it helps to have a picture or two to show us!



This is generally the least fun and most painful thing to talk about, but we need to understand how much you want to spend. We will fully explain our pricing structure and when you will be invoiced throughout the process. We have a few helpful documents we can send after the meeting to help you understand this. When it comes to money we know that its best to be very upfront and ensure you know how this works.



Timelines can sometimes be difficult to manage as with any build you can come across unforeseen issues, we’ve all seen the episodes of love it or list it on HGTV. We know the timeline of our design process, we have got it down to a fine art! We will go over the general timeline, we will also need to know when you want us to start and when you would ideally have it finished.


Thats really all there is to a Meet & Inspire. It's really just an initial meeting to chat, get to know each other and the scope of your project. Look forward to meeting you,