Jamies Top 5: Grooming Tips for Fall


It’s coming into Autumn and with the longer evenings and darker mornings it’s becoming a little more difficult to get up, as a result my routine has become a bit more minimal so I can get those extra 5 mins in bed. With my schedule I could be away from my home for 12-15 hours some days so I need a routine that I can physically take with me. I have a lot of speaking engagements, client meetings and site visits so I never want to look worn out or dull. No one wants to employ a tired looking Designer! 

 I have a simple routine that I can do twice daily, once in the morning and again after the gym. All the products I use are 100ml or less so I also don’t have to worry when I need to grab a last minute flight. Plus all products are from Masc, a local skincare store in Vancouver, BC.

1.    Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne (.2oz) – Options

I love this cologne as it comes in a small container and a little goes a long way. It’s rugged, shatterproof and can go anywhere, I normally keep this in my suit jacket so I can use as needed. It’s spill proof and you can take it in your hand luggage if you taking a short trip because its less than 100m. It’s a win win situation

"CLASSIC" - Fresh & green with light spice. 

“This cologne gets its name from Hatteras Island, a long thin island that stretches for nearly 50 miles. Known as a sports paradise, the island is home to gorgeous beaches, and its marlin-filled waters are perfect for sport fishing. Windsurfing and kite boarding are also popular pastimes on Hatteras. This lively location feels American to its core, and it’s why they chose to name their classic and sporty fragrance in its honour.”


 2.    Triumph & Disaster Dark Moon Hydrating Cream (50ml) -

Let’s be honest we all need more sleep and could always do with another hour in bed but unfortunately, were all busy people and as I've only gotten busier I've had to find some quick and easy ways to keep up appearances. I use this before bed and have found my skin looks much better in the morning than if I hadn’t used it. 

“The dark moon is invisible to Earth, silent and hidden in shadow, a deep breath taken before each lunar cycle. ‘Dark Moon’ by Triumph & Disaster represents this concept of reflection and recovery and is designed to work with our body’s natural rhythm. A scientifically engineered hydrating cream, ‘Dark Moon’ utilises Vitamin C, Olive and Horopito to facilitate healthy, vibrant skin; working silently and naturally in the deep hours before dawn. Apply daily prior to bed, or as a top up to your daily moisturizing routine.”


 3. Triumph & Disaster Dichotomy Eye Serum

To compliment the moisturizer, I use the eye serum before bed, It reduces those dark circles that seem to happen towards the end of the work week. 

“Dichotomy eye serum is our happy collision of two historic foe. Wild, untethered nature, stacked with the supernatural benefits of Norwegian kelp, swamp maple, horopito, St Paul’s wort and Persian silk tree, collides with science, brandishing clinical evidence and proven efficacy like a killer dance move. Apart they are tremendous, together they are the future, dichotomy is now.”


4. Grown Alchemist Matte Balancing Moisturiser (60ml)

I use this in the morning as it is a lighter than the hydrating cream. I keeps my skin looking matte throughout the day and if I have any segments or speeches it does a great job in reducing that shine! 


“A mattefying, non–greasy hydrating Moisturiser that leaves combination skin looking balanced, clear and beautifully radiant.”


5. Regal Grooming Vancouver

When it comes to grooming I hold my hands up and will say I’m quite relaxed about my hair because I go to regal grooming and they take care of everything. It’s a member programme in Vancouver that allows you to pay a membership fee which reduces how much you pay for your haircut and beard trim/shave. Its a great service and you can also go as a non-member to try it out! Fantastic staff, great service and you leave feeling great.

- Jamie