Home Wallpaper Inspiration - How to add personality to any space


We are always looking for new ways to make a space unique and tailored to your style. One way we’ve been doing this is by using wallpaper to add personality to different spaces. There are many different looks when it comes to wallpaper, such as, floral prints, geometric patterns & water colour prints. You can even get wall-coverings which are textured, where you can touch and feel. 

 Here are a few of my favourite images & installation ideas to create a unique space.

There are many ways to install wall paper to create different looks. Most of the time we see patterned prints being used for an accent wall. Another great installation tactic is only covering the top half of the wall & finishing the bottom half with wainscoting or tile. This is a very classic look that we are creating in the Pederson’s Master Bathroom matched with a marble porcelain tile similar to below. 

You may just want to spruce up your space and wall paper can be a quick fix to add a personal touch. We are currently using an Omexco Mica Chip wallpaper behind a bar to feature the millwork. The Mica Chip is unique textural appearance, that can add some glam to your space. 

Here are a couple images from a recent project at the McIvor Residence. Adding a fun feature like this can complete the whole look of your bedroom!

You may want to add something fun to your kids’ bedroom, and make it feel like their own space. We’ve done this for the Lail Residence for their two children rooms. The geometric pattern is a wild pattern, so for this project we decide to feature it on one wall. With the soft polka dot wall covering we decided to do all 4 walls as it is fainter & will not be over powering.

Sometimes permanent wallpaper might not be an option for you if you have a rental suite. However, now you have the choice of a temporary wall paper to make the space feel like your own. Also, over time your kids’ bedroom will often reflect their favourite colour or animal etc. but this can change fast. Your own style preference can change and now your able to switch it out with different patterns and styles very easily. 

 There are many applications of wall paper for your DYI projects & it all depends on what kind of a statement you want to make. Let us know your thoughts & what inspires you for your next project.