Best Indoor Plants for your Home


Do you ever wonder when flipping through the glossy spread of spaces in magazines how they achieve such a “homey” or lived in feel? Some would think you need to spend thousands to do so. We’re going to share our little secret with you. Plants! The added touch of greenery in the home can warm up a space and give it a vibrant homey feel. House plants seem to be coming back in full force in the interior design world – the more the better! The secret in all areas of design is layering with scale and texture, the same rule applies here. When adding greenery to your space you want to add splashes of it all over the house big and small.


Living Room:

The living area is an easy place to start. Do you have a bookcase that is boring and a bit of an eye sore? This is great opportunity to add some color and freshen up a dusty corner. Golden pathos, string of pearls or maiden’s hair fern are great “hanging” plants. These plants will cascade nicely down your bookcase beautifully. You can also pair these hanging beauties with a succulent or cactus or two on opposite shelves. Make sure to also find a nice home for your new green friends – we like the bennie low vase-planter from CB2 or the Half-Dipped Planters from West Elm. 


Dining Room:

Finishing off the perfect dining room goes hand in hand with having the perfect center piece. Why not a stunning vase with greenery or a Kermodi Living Art?  Simple greenery in a vase has always been an easy go-to classic for really anywhere in the house. As greenery comes in many shapes/sizes, you can make a statement big or small. Local grocery stores or flower shops generally have many fresh varieties to choose from. Bird of paradise, spiral/ silver dollar eucalyptus, majesty palm & the monstera deliciosa are all good varieties to use. Kermodi Living Art is another great choice, they specialize in modern minimalist indoor and outdoor potted plants that provide high design with low maintenance. To check out their ever-changing design you can visit their showroom located in Parliament Interiors, Vancouver.


Adding plants to your bedroom can lower your stress levels and help create a tranquil environment. This is a great place to introduce hanging macramé planters or larger scale potted plants.  CB2’s macramé plant holder is perfect as it can fit a variety of sized pots. Make sure to hang in odd numbers at different heights. Large scale potted plants may be my favourite, the only problem is I love too many varieties and do not have nearly enough space in my tiny apartment to fit them all! My fail-safe plants are fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, majesty palm, bird of paradise and monstera deliciosa…. Believe me I could go on and on….! These pair nicely when put into belly baskets or rattan plant pots. Check out the Trundle baskets from EQ3, open weave zigzag basket from West Elm or the rattan RÅGKORN from Ikea.  

 It seems as though there is an endless amount of ways you can introduce plants into your home, I could go on and on forever. If you’re like me you just can’t get enough of this breath of fresh air in your home. So, get creative and let me know how you decide to introduce your green babies into your home in the comment section below! 

- Sascha 

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