Jamie Banfield in the PRESS

#DOTY16 - Jamie Banfield, Finalist for Emerging Interior Designer 

Jamie Banfield has been recognized as a finalist for the 2016 Western Living Designer of the Year Awards.  He and his firm have been shortlisted in the category of the Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for an Emerging Interior Designer.  See more 

Hoss - Luxurious Cottage Life 

Western Living - Featured Project Talbot Residence 

WL Style - Artistic License

Why Jamie loves Metrie 

Jamie Banfield and his team love working will brands such as Metrie. Metrie brings to the table a well developed quality asserted product. "I believes in collaboration and all members from suppliers to the end consumer are apart of the Jamie Banfield Design team and I am happy to call Metrie a party of the JBD team" - Jamie Banfield.

The Millennial Effect

Jamie Banfield (or Jimmy as the host calls it) joined a select panel at KBIS2016 (Kitchen + Bath Industry Show) to discuss "The Millennial Effect" Millennials are interested in repurposing materials rather than buying new. Watch this footage from #KBIS2016 as Tim Costello, Chief Executive Officer of Builder Homesite Inc. and his five panelists discuss the buying & building habits, with a focus on upcycling, and the best ways to market to the Millennial generation.

up-cycle with Bianca + Peter 

DIY ReStore up-cycle challenge with Bianca Solterbeck and Peter Verge from Shaw TV. The Jamie Banfield Design team took part in the Habitat for Humanity up-cycle challenge where all funs raised from the silent auction went to building amazing homes. 

DIY of a Dime

Jamie chat's smile and trendy DIY projects to add personality to any space. "DIY projects are a fun way to bring your families personality in to any space" - Jamie Banfield

Jamie Banfield Design - Talbot Project

Jamie professionally designed Todd and Rebecca's master bathroom. This very true west coast space was developed to make the space feel larger than the walls surrounding it and create usable storage. With thinking out side of the box Jamie proposed and executed a fun application for cladding the vanity, shower and storage with Caesarstone quarts. "Mixing textures is a must in any space, texture can add elegancy and class to any space. A well developed design space always have someone asking for more, each time they step in to the space they see a new detail a different angle." - Jamie Banfield. 

Western Living "One to Watch"

"I may not know the answer to everything, but I'm always looking for a new way to use products," laughs interior designer Jamie Banfield. He's built a custom countertop from wood found in the Richmond Oval's scrap pile, and is currently working to construct a take made from railroad tiles and an old tree stump ("I try to think local, and I love repurposing things"). White his designs are filled with West Coast flair-think wood and stone accent,s and beach-inspired colour pallets-Banfield also focuses on functionality. Interior design, he says, is about "being an artist, but also being an engineer on the practical side of things."

Western Living Designer Week Conversation

The inside scoop on how to design a family-friendly home

Jamie Banfield is not stranger to functionality-he strives to create spaces that are as practical they are beautiful-so we caught up with the interior design to get the inside scoop on ow to design a family-friendly home. Whether you're a young family with active toddlers or a grown family with busy teens, it's important to crate a home that complements your lifestyle.

4 Hot Tech Trends for Kitchen + Bath


Forget keeping up with the Joneses-with such rapid innovation happening in kitchen and bath technology, we;re almost outpacing the Jetsons. In this brave new work of winterized particles and wireless light controls, it's east to feel out of the loop-so we caught up with the founder of Jamie Banfield Design to get the scoop on where technology is going in 2015. 

A Peek Inside Jamie Banfield’s Power Smart Home


When home shows roll into town, I always make a beeline for the real-life house displays. The Power Smart home in particular is a fun feature to walk through because BC Hydro teams up with a local designer who gets to put a chic spin on smart, energy-efficient design (using all the latest appliances and gadgets).

At this past weekend’s BC Home and Garden Show, Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield kitted out a loft-inspired space with creative wall treatments, mod urban furnishings, and tons of unique DIY touches—and we got a peek inside!

March Madness Round 2: Wassily vs. Eames Lounger


as defended by Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

“This chair has a compact footprint which is simple in design. Just like a bicycle, this chair is ergonomically correct and fits all shapes and sizes.” 



"I love layering different textures and colours in a space. The texture is an amazing way to stimulate touch—from a plush towel to pebble-stoned flooring; each medium has a unique effect on your senses and comes in all shapes and forms. Incorporating natural materials in a space is another way to delight the senses—whether in the form of a wood backsplash in a herringbone pattern in a kitchen, a textured copper sink, or a live edge counter top, I want each room to have a showpiece that is also classic so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. One of my favourite projects is a condo renovation we recently completed. We were able to create a cohesive design throughout but also give each room a different feel by incorporating a mix of textures and colours.

West Coast Beauty Inspires Design Firm - Kitchen & Bath Design News 6/15

GRAY - the blog 5 Questions 

The great thing about what I do is that I get to work on so many incredible design projects with some amazing people. Right now I am most excited about my new custom cabinet line, The BANFIELD Collection, which launched this fall.

This new venture is in collaboration with Troico Manufacturing. Together, we wanted to create a collection of high-end cabinets that blend modern design with cutting-edge technology. Inspired by the natural beauty of Western Canada, The BANFIELD offers a number of mix and match options, providing the ultimate in customization.

Design Quarterly - Creating timeless kitchens 

As the centre of activity – where people gather, socialize, and spend most of their quality time – the kitchen is a homeowner’s biggest asset, both for lifestyle and resale value. Today, much attention is being placed on how a room is laid out, the design, and its functionality. But, creating the ultimate kitchen can be a costly venture. With that in mind, it is always good to think long-term and create a design that is current, but timeless.

Here are some simple tips on how to construct a dream kitchen that will look good today and years from now.

EDMONTON JOURNAL - The Cardinal Cabin 

VANCOUVER SUN - Jamie Banfield will be speaking Power Smart design

VANCOUVER SUN - Jamie Banfield Timeless Kitchens 

New Home Guide - Paul Kristjan by Jamie Banfield

24 HRS - Vancouver "Bathroom goes industrial with DIY pipe decor"

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